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“Dr. Zog, Thank You! Thank You! Thank You! Your band made our party a huge success. Our employees are still buzzing about the great band we hired. The music was high energy from the moment you hit the stage. It was the perfect vibe for this themed party. The highlight of the evening had to be the Mardi Gras parade. Dr. Zog leading 140 people through the streets of San Antonio is classic. It is a memory we will keep forever. I can’t say enough how pleased we were to have you at our event. You are definitely on the top of our list for future company functions. Thanks again and let’s go zydeco.” — Robin

Screen shot 2013-12-27 at 12.18.48 PMClick on the pic below to see The Texas Queen of the scrub board, MeMe with Dr. Zog.

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image104-03-16 Got  to perform at Nola Fest and  hangout with the legendary Dr. John.

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The new Cd  “Texas Zydeco Train”  is available. All aboard the fastest Zydeco train in Texas.


The new Cd “She’s Got the Glow” is available. Soul Music with harmonica. No accordion on this one. Pure sugar cane funk and soul!!!

She's Got the Glow, Dr Zog View In iTunes

Texas Zydeco Train – Dr. Zog – review by Jim Hance

If you like your Louisiana gumbo with a dash of Texas BBQ sauce and a side of slaw, you have to check out Texas Zydeco Train by the Dr. Zog Band. Dr. Zog has been doing zydeco music for about 20 years, and has eight albums – mostly zydeco – to show for it. But that doesn’t mean he gives up on his local color. His songs are steadfastly, unapologetically Texan, colorfully flavored with lots of Texas context and amusing self parody – the way Jimmy Buffet would do zydeco if he was from Texas. Add to it the ZZ Top riffs, sudden and unexpected country steel guitar flourishes, Cindy Cashdollar’s sweet Southern country steel guitar, references to Texas roads and South Austin, some blues harmonica work which reminds me a lot of Rod Piazza, all put together with sly and witty lyrics. This is an improbable gumbo that can have you questioning whether Texas and Louisiana can actually share a border, while at the same time get you moving on the dance floor and smiling all over! There is a bit more lyrically here than you might imagine from a zydeco compilation. And that’s a good thing! Check out Dr. Zog’s latest effort, Texas Zydeco Train, at iTunes. Dr. Zog has been busy. They also put out an album of funky Latin-hustle- jazz stuff last year as well entitled She’s Got The Glow, also available on iTunes.

Dr. Zog says, a big “Thank you” to Mr. James Hance for his insightful review of Texas Zydeco Train. James is keeping the zydeco dancers of St. Petersburg, Florida shuffling their feet to the zydeco beat. Check out his zydeco website http://www.floridacajunzydeco.com/

Sea and Salt song by Dr. Zog


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Screen shot 2013-04-08 at 6.43.17 PMThe Gatorboys from the hit TV show decided that they would join Dr. Zog to do the Alligator Shuffle.  Dr. Zog was filmed with the boyz for an episode to be aired on national TV. Stay tuned!

On May, 5, 2014 Cinco de Mayo in San Antonio, Dr. Zog performs his  tune “Alligator Shuffle” that was aired on Swamp People. Troy Landry sang Zog’s tune on Swamp People. Troy n’ ya boy in SA, ese. Choot em, Zog!

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For bookings, call or Email  (512) 462-1297

Dr. Zog plays, harmonica, Cajun accordion and guitar.

Dr. Zog  has the cure for your  zydeco  fever.

Add a dash of Zydeco, Blues, & Funk in a big pot.

Stir slow. Let it simmer and you get Dr. Zog’s Swampadelic gumbo.

Let the Good times Roll. Put on your dancing shoes and get ready to feel happy music  from our high-energy band. Gonzo Zydecoman, Dr. Zog

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